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Anonymous: Where do I find women as cool as you?

Here, on earth. :) Very nice of you to say that, thanks.

Anonymous: What would you be doing if time not money was ever an issue? Not but you had to but simply bc you wanted to, & what's some stuff on your bucket list for 2014

I have no idea what the beginning of that question is asking, but I was just talking about a bucket list with someone the other day and I don’t have one! Maybe I should get to it?

awanderlustnyc: You seem like such a strong individual, and I admire you so much which is why i was wondering what your advice be to get over a first love. I'm currently trying to deal with the process and I was with this guy for 2 years and I'm struggling with it.

That’s really sweet of you. I really wish I had real advice that would actually do something for you but I’m not sure that I do; keep yourself busy time will pass quicker. Don’t blame yourself. Give your attention only where it is deserved.